We help organisation establish a data/analytics sharing platform/architecture that’s flexible enough to accommodate diverse technology needs across the enterprise is critical; you may be stuck with legacy systems that don’t meet your needs, or face disagreement on where to invest the resources. 

We set up Data Lakes to Break down data silos so data becomes a readily shared and trusted enterprise resource, and determining how to best harness the data you have and continue to grow the volume of data.

DataOps: Establish processes and technologies to collect data from diverse sources and distribute to the right users to generate data products 

Data Management: Establish processes and practices to ensure data is accurate, timely, and properly shared and managed throughout its lifecycle 

DataSourcing: Set data terms, definitions, methodologies, MOUs, and service level agreements to support performance monitoring 

Data Governance: Establish roles and responsibilities, policies, and procedures to ensure accountability and effective management of data 

Data/Analytics Platform: Coordinate across stakeholders to build a platform that’s based on a reference architecture and is flexible with the evolving discipline (e.g., open source, catalogue of options, cloud or self-service capabilities); use analytics demand to build a business case for technology investment 

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