Softwares for Various Industries and Professions that leverage Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Computer Vision Algorithms.

Industry Custom Enterprise scalable solutions including Banking Analytics Box, Insurance Analytics Box, Retail Analytics Box, Telcom Analytics Box and Manufacturing Analytics Box

Risk and Fraud Pattern Recognition

Customer Churn Prediction

Credit Scoring

Lead Generation 

Telcom Network Optimisation

Price Engineering

Spend Analytics 

Robotic Process Automation

Smart Grids- Energy Analytics

Autonomous Cars

Route Optimization

Demand Forecasting

Retail Distrubition Recommendation Engines 

Advertising coverage analytics

Chat bots 

Insurance Claims Analytics

Customer Retention

Cross Sell and Upsell

Digital Engagement

Co-Robots: Softwares that work alongside your workforce to improve efficiency through enhanced decision making.



Our software’s ingest following types of data Employee surveys, Telemetric Data, Digital footprint metadata, Employee Attendance records, Multi-rater reviews, Salary and promotion history, Employee work history, Demographic data, Personality/temperament data, Recruitment process, Employee database, Employee Social Media Data and Office Floor Plans 

Using this we calibrate our algorithms to deliver enable decision making in following areas Workload Analysis 

Performance Management Modelling

Interaction Analytics

Pay structure and Compensation Analysis

Employee Churn

Recruitment Analysis 

HR Dashboard 



Supply planners need to understand what’s happening in the supply chain in real time, so they can create accurate supply forecasts. In order to avoid shortages and stock-outs leading to lost revenue, it’s necessary to be able to run what-if scenarios and ensure they are making the most informed decisions.

Sales and operations planning (S&OP) managers need a single version of the truth to make better business decisions and meet revenue goals. Easy-to-use data visualization, flexible plans that adapt to market demands and fast, what-if scenario assessments are crucial.

Our Supply chain software’s enable quick responsiveness while maintaining accuracy and integrity. Our systems can analyze huge amounts of data quickly from diverse sources both structured and unstructured using Natural Language Processing Algorithms. This enables prediction amidst increasing number of variables such as weather, regulations, disasters etc. 



Enables a shift from Detection and Repair to Predicting and Preventing 

Our Software enables

  1. Drive Strategic Decision Making: be able to help organizations bring together financial and operational data from various siloed sources, providing a unified view of information that enables you as a finance professional and your entire business partners to make better strategic decisions. 
  2. Timely Reporting. A custom dashboards that enable your finance department to quickly arm business managers with accurate, timely financial reporting so they can make more data-driven decisions and run a more profitable business. 
  3. Manage Risks. You will be equipped with tools that will enable your organizations to proactively uncover suspicious trends and helps them navigate the risks associated with operations, finances, fraud, and regulations with a greater degree of confidence and efficiency. 
  4. Enable Financial Planning and Analysis. You will be provided with Analytics tools that enables FP&A teams to leverage real-time internal and orthogonal data to improve financial performance, increase profitability, and capitalize on growth opportunities. 

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